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Dominik Stone

Entrepreneur, Day Trader and Personal Success Coach.

Over 10,000 people read my material to learn how to use psychology and systems to live a Greatest Life. That could mean automating your finances, making more money, finding your dream job, starting an online business or mastering your inner psychology.


I don’t believe in lecturing you how bad your trading is. Instead, I show you how to focus on one solid strategy execution that is worth thousands of pounds. Master it and get on with your life.

I don’t want you spending thousands of your hard earned cash on useless systems. Instead, use that to make more of it. Don't get fooled by Instagram wannabe gurus.

I give away 98% of my material free. I aim to make that free material better than anyone else's paid stuff. Just check my blog or newsletter.    

I know you have a lot of choices in who you read, so I know I have to earn your trust with every post I make. If you’re curious, here’s a little bit about me.

From nothing to everything

I started interest in financial markets while studying Computer Science at Wroclaw University, however, living in Poland had its downside - retail trading was still in beginning stages. But my hard work paid off, and I earned enough trust with my first mentor to learn and most off all understand psychology behind market participants. From that point I decided to learn how money and personal development really worked.  

After heavy and arduous preparations I succeeded and became Polish Army Special Forces Operator. Serving in such a prestige Unit has been one amazing but tough experience. My personal and professional life soared to levels that I had never imagined being possible. At the same my trading knowledge grew exponentially. 


After my SF days where over, move to London opened new doors with JPMorgan or Bloomberg. Trading floor is really electrifying experience, not for faint hearted.  I launched ‘Unleash Your Greatness’, company designed to help entrepreneurs, with its mission to support all traders of any calibre, in becoming professional game changers. Authorship and independent publication of several books marked the next proverbial degree in my self-development. All available on Amazon worldwide...

My latest venture is DSPro, one-year long program, designed to teach investing and trading strategies, entrepreneurship and various other subjects with the help of a supportive community. I want to share all my gathered knowledge, my experience with you. 

why this material works

Every consistent trader has developed a trading method that suits his or her personality. If you want to achieve consistency, that is what you must do as well.


Don’t spend all your time admiring the fancy tools and fools in the magazines or scam websites. First learn how to use the basic ones well. It’s not the size of your tools that counts but how you use them. Keep it simple. Simple time-tested methods that are well executed will beat fancy complicated method every time.

Your job is not to argue with the market, but to study it, recognize when it is weakening, and go along with it. Most traders have trouble making decisions to buy or sell. In other words, they vacillate and can’t make up their minds. They are unsure because they really don’t know what they are doing. They do not have a plan, a set of principles, or rules to guide them and, therefore, are uncertain of what they should be doing.


Here's the brutal truth: there is no holy grailAsk any quant on Wall Street (the super geeky math and physics PhDs who create complex algorithmic trading strategies) why there is no “holy grail” indicator, method, or system to pull profits 100% of the time. Trading requires skill at reading the markets and at managing your own anxieties.

Your mindset is critically important to your trading; if your head isn’t right, you aren’t going to make money at trading, that is a fact.

But there ARE systems that will help you: for example, I will teach you how psychology help you win in trading game, by building consciousness. You have no control over whether you will win or lose – but you have enormous influence over the beliefs that drive the performance of your trading process. This leads to the calm, patient mind needed for successful trading.

That’s what I offer at No sugar-coating, no BS, no random tactics. Just tested, step-by-step systems that work in the real world - check 'Insights'.

For example, I share step-by-step guide to how successfully trade breakouts, how to swing stocks while you work, how to become a professional trader or how to set trading goals that work to name a few. 


Most people don’t understand that they need a trading system if they are to make money in the markets. Most importantly, that system must fit you, your objectives, your psychology, and your beliefs, for you to be able to trade it effectively - not the way around. Focus on the activities that will generate massive results for the rest of your life, and you'll never have to worry about the small change problems again.

'Amateur traders turn into professional traders once they stop looking for the next great indicator'

-Dominik Stone


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