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Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing

Supercharge Your Trading

My strategy makes trading simple and effective

Who am I?

Professional former institutional committed to helping people around the world achieve life-changing financial freedom. I do this by providing simple, effective trading system that absolutely anyone can learn. All of my methods are supported by my unique markets approach.

What makes me different?

I provide high calibre, institutional-level methods that I have learned trading for top investments banks . But unlike anywhere else I do provide these for the regular private trader, levelling the playing field between you and professional institutional traders.

How can I help you?

Whether you’re a complete beginner or experienced trading veteran, trading with meI will open up your path to financial freedom. I can help you achieve your goals by trading forex or indexes. All of my strategies are:

  • Easy to learn and follow, with tried and tested step-by-step methods

  • Carefully formulated to help you unlock consistent returns at very low risk

  • 100% tested and proven. There is no room for doubt when you trade with me

Take Your Trading

to Higher Ground

I'm Dominik Stone, entrepreneur and former institutional trader.


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“With all the tools and education I have received I am very, very confident that I will continue making substantial profits from trading.”

Your trading journey in three easy steps

Step 1

Discover the overall market direction in just seconds with a simple glance at the price action. Doing this is proven to give you an enhanced probability of being right.

Step 2

Enter your trade at the optimal point – this has been carefully calculated to ensure maximum safety.

Step 3

Follow my unique trading plan to ensure that you are in control throughout every trade. Sit back and enjoy watching your profits grow!

Dominik Stone

Meet the inspiration behind trading system

“If you know what the leveraged players are doing, you have the keys to the kingdom”


A trusted innovator in financial trading, Dominik is the creator of the unique trading strategy. Specialising in Forex and Equities, Dom is the author of the best-selling book:

"I Will Teach You How To Trade in 20 Hours"

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Where are you on your trading journey?

My system works for all levels of traders – Which one are you?

You're new to trading

So you want to know where to start…
Start right here!
With my system you’ll be on the right path immediately, and the best part is you won’t have to unlearn all those bad habits that other traders pick up in their journeys. Your path to success will be much faster and smoother by sticking to my rules right from the start.

You have some experience

So you’ve tried trading but had challenges…
Don’t give up now! Things are about to get better!
You’ve just found THE answer that has transformed the fortunes of home-based traders all around the world.
Whether you’ve already made some trades or were too scared to press that button, you can now start to learn a proven method with confidence!

You're an advanced trader

So you have plenty of experience but you instinctively know you could do so much better…

You’re right … You can do better!
My system is used by professionals and trading individuals who have shared the same sentiments and experiences as you.

The more you use this system, the more you’ll see its power and want to continue trading with it.