What is my background?

I have served as a member of Army Special Forces before joining investment - banking sector. Started interest in financial markets while studying Computer Science at Wroclaw University. My hard work paid off and opened new doors with JPMorgan and Bloomberg. Trading floor is really electrifying experience, not for faint hearted. I been involved in financial markets for over 25 years now, and I do day trade for a living.

Hi, I’m Dominik Stone.

I Help Businesses Increase Sales, Boost Their Profits and Build a Winning Trading Strategy.


Dominik Stone

Meet the inspiration behind DSPro 360 trading system

“If you know what the leveraged players are doing, you have the keys to the kingdom”


A trusted innovator in financial trading, Dominik is the creator of the unique trading strategy. Specialising in Forex and Equities, Dom is the author of the best-selling book:

"I Will Teach You How To Trade in 20 Hours"

What makes your experience with Dom different?
1. A genuine simple trading method that anyone can use from anywhere.
2. A trading method that is based on empirical reality, logic and testable evidence.
3. A trading method that accepts human emotions and gives you a valid technique to work with them.
These three components are the secret to Dom's
sound trading methodology:
1. Simplicity is essential, otherwise you won’t stick to the vitally important rules.
2. Validity is essential, otherwise you wouldn’t have the provable edge that the system gives.
3. Accepting human emotions is essential because you’re not a robot.
Dom's trading rules are based on empirical soundness and designed to prevent dangerous impulses from damaging your trades.
1. No-one else has developed set of rules as effective or simple as the DSPro 360.
2. No-one else has developed these rules that keep you in control, keep you safe, and yet able to play for windfall profits.
3. No-one else has developed such a simple but independently proven trading system for the home-based trader.
That’s what makes your experience with Dom different!
Dom's book

20-hours to stress free, no B.S. money making. 

I WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO TRADE IN 20 HOURS - No tricks, just a 20-hours proven program that works.

Want to learn how to trade quickly? Then pick up this book and set aside twenty hours to go from knowing nothing to performing like a pro. That's it.

In I Will Teach You How To Trade In 20 Hours you'll learn how to acquire professional trading skill in record time - and have a lot of fun doing it.

Dom's Blog

Dom's articles and market commentaries have yielded many huge winners over the years.