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Want an unfair advantage with your trading?

The DSPro 360 helps you to focus on what actually works


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Why the DSPro 360 works for trading?

Would you agree that the most successful people in life focus on one or two things and master them?

This is my approach to trading.

Just focus on a couple of setups that are proven and master them.

That’s the beauty of the DSPro 360, it helps you to focus on what actually works.

This is why you’ll never need to look back once you trade with the DSPro 360.

Has this ever happened to you?

Felt out of control?

If you’ve ever felt out of control during a trade there are typically three key reasons:

  1. You got in without a proper reason or rule

  2. You weren’t following a system in the first place

  3. You were following a seriously flawed or untested system


When you trade with the DSPro 360 you’ll overcome all of these issues, and therefore you’ll be in control right from the start.
The DSPro 360  method is proven and tested to institutional standards.
The DSPro 360 method has a simple set of rules that ensure you are always in control of every trade, right from the very beginning.
The DSPro 360 is based on the logic of demand and supply, not magical numbers or spurious unprovable, untestable fantasies.

Confused by complex systems?

So many systems out there are deliberately confusing, with dozens of indicators, scribbles all over the charts, and complex rules, which all make the so-called guru seem so intelligent, but are useless to the actual trader.

Every trader needs simplicity in order to maintain clarity.

You need a simple set of rules that are based in logic.

The DSPro 360 method gives you exactly what you need.

A system based in logic, with a simple set of rules that give you a proven advantage.

But it is simple to use … and it works!

Allowed profits to turn to losses?

EVERY TRADER in the world has done this at some stage in their trading experience, so you’re not alone!

But more often than not, it is a result of poor trade management.

When you trade with my method, you will learn a simple trick to ensure that decent profits do not turn into losses.

This alone has helped transform hundreds of traders’ fortunes around … and it’s only the start of the numerous proven advantages will give you.

Missed out of a big move because you sold out too soon?

Again, every trader in the world has bemoaned missing out on a windfall profit because they exited a trade too soon!

The reality is that you should never aim to buy at the low and sell at the high … it’s a nice thought but a complete fantasy which gets traders into trouble. This is because you cannot trade with the benefit of hindsight. So the fact is you’ll never know what was the low or high until after the event in any case!

That’s why trying to pick tops and bottoms is doomed to failure, so we don’t do that!

The real key is to enter at a low risk level while the price is already moving in your favour.

You then manage your trade so that if the price does keep moving in your favour, you’re following along with it in a deliberate fashion.

The combination of the DSPro 360 together with my trading plan has transformed traders’ fortunes for good all over the world.

Put it this way … With the DSPro 360 you have the odds on your side. With my trading plan you add further protections and advantages. The overall result is that you will be transformed into a far more successful trader.

Hands-on with the DSPro 360

This one chart summarises what I do

DSPro 360 professional trading system by Dominik Stone

What does trading look like with the DSPro 360?

Unlike other methods, trading with the DSPro 360 is incredibly simple.

Traders use clean, straightforward charts. They don’t use complicated systems or complex calculations to gain their edge.

They use hidden market intelligence that only

I have access to.

The six DSPro 360 entry points that you could use on this trend Nasdaq trade

Key highlights of the DSPro 360 trading system

Unique system

Proven success

The DSPro 360 is my personal trading system, 25 years in the making. No need for cluther and useless indicators, just clean charts and specific markets knowledge.
There’s nothing like it anywhere else

Whether from individual testimonials or through rigorous testing to institutional standards, the DSPro 360 is proven to give traders a significant edge.

And I continue to make improvements which are validated independently. You simply won’t find anything like this anywhere else!

I'm not selling trading courses. As a full time professional trader, I do not have time for that. What you are getting here in my system explained in detail across 10 hours of videos.