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In short, with a trading mentor, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel … You can shadow a successful trader and adapt their strategies to your own personality and trading style. No BS videos but genuine 1:2:1 time...

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Successful people often talk about mentors they have had along the way. They speak highly of them, of the way they moulded their thinking, the pathways they showed and guidance they gave to walk that pathway. 

This, they aver, helped them walk the path themselves and reach where they have reached. Of course, many other factors contribute to their success. But you alone can and must walk the path.

If one is lucky enough to find a mentor in life, then life is a better lived with a higher chance of succeeding at whatever it is that you wish to do.

So who really is a mentor and why do I say one has to be lucky enough to find one?

Imagine you buy a sailing boat — but you’ve never sailed before or even spoken to a sailor. Would you just take the boat out into the ocean and start sailing around the world? Probably not.


That’s incredibly risky. Even If you manage to steer clear of rocks, it could take you years of trial and error in learning how to navigate, raise the sails, preserve the hull, and everything else.

Now rewind a little. Imagine when you first get your sailing boat, you spend a year or two with an experienced sailor and learn the ins and outs of sailing. By the end of the learning process, you’d be more skilled in sailing and better prepared to cruise around the globe.

That’s exactly why finding a trading mentor is important…

The markets are the ocean, your capital is the boat, and your trading mentor is the experienced sailor.

Unleash Your Greatness is an international success training company that exists to develop people into financially independent & free human beings. 


Founded in 1999 by Dominik Stone with over 25+ combined years of investment and entrepreneurial experience, takes a unique, uncommon approach to education by integrating, trading, entrepreneurism, economics, finance, philosophy, leadership & organizational development, with

a view for elevating the character of each mentee.

DSPRO directly addresses 3 unanswered questions that are the cause of many struggles: 


  • How do I learn markets correctly? 


  • How do I create profitable trading system? 


  • How do I start real and sustainable personal development? 

Every single trader in the world has made a ton of mistakes. Even the successful ones. And often, those mistakes are carbon copies of mistakes made by other traders. It’s just human nature. Most of those mistakes ends with blowing entire accounts.

By learning from a mentor, you get to learn from those mistakes without necessarily having to experience them yourself. That’s one means to help you preserve capital and your mental state.

A good mentor will effectively tell you, “do this, but don’t do that.” And they’ll explain why. Of course, it’s up to you to use that knowledge wisely and benefit from your mentor’s experience.

It doesn’t matter how capable you are. If your actions are not well directed, it takes so much longer for you to succeed, if at all. Improve your life, improve your trading success, improve your thinking – a mentor will help you achieve all these. Life with a mentor is considerably richer than life without one.


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